1. Redesign/Reboot

    After a long hiatus, I've decided to redesign/reboot my previous personal site refactorman.com. Let's talk about a couple quick reasons why…

  2. Typographic Unicode

    Often, I find myself skipping over typography when writing content in HTML. It's even harder, sometimes, when dealing with CSS. Here is a quick reference some common typographical characters, and how to express them in both HTML and CSS.

  3. Better Color Gradients with HSLuv

    Color is tricky! It's often more complicated than I expect; when I underestimate it, I usually end up taking a dive down into some serious color theory and math. Let's take a closer look at an interesting challenge when generating color ramps and gradients.

  4. Exploring the Discrete Cosine Transform

    The DCT is used extensively in lossy audio and image compression. It can be found in MP3 audio compression, JPEG image compression, and MPEG-1/2 video compression. Let's take a closer look the fundamentals of how a DCT is practically used.

  5. Understanding Delegated JavaScript Events

    Have you ever been curious how delegated events work in JavaScript? How they can be implemented? Let's take a look...

  6. The magical world of the JavaScript arguments object

    So, I've known for a long time that the object that is available in a function is a bit "odd", but until recently I didn't realize how odd.

  7. Fun with pseudo‑elements

    I've known for quite a while that, you could inject content into HTML elements using CSS pseudo‑elements: and . But, they are way more useful than I originally thought…